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Suspension and Steering

Our Advantage

Leading Technology –
Tier 1 OEM for Electric Automobile

We are OEM Supplier for the following brands:

Defining the Quality Benchmarks for AfterMarket

As the leading supplier in the aftermarket, our dominance extends across the US, Europe, and Japan. We are the supplier to each region’s top three auto parts distributors.

“Reliable Parts, Reliable People” is the concept of TGQ.
Supplying unparalleled suspension parts to automobile enthusiasts around the world.

Modification Part and Core Technology OEM

Achieving ultimate performance with reinforced and adjustable parts

TGQ deeply understands that tuning parts designers often struggle to balance “design” and ” production.” We’ve been toward precision components and process improvements, offering customized solutions for their demand. Let your unique designs into reality, we will try our best so you can produce your masterpieces without any worries.


About T.G.Q