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Pursuing Perfection ー Beyond 6 Sigma, 0 PPM and 0 Defect Rate

At TGQ, we offer precision machining and collaborate with customers to tackle challenges across various industries, from concept to project completion.

CNC machining, short for Computer Numerical Control machining, is an extensively used subtractive manufacturing process. It relies on computer control to enable machines and tools to move with high precision, removing material from workpieces to produce the required precision components. This technology plays a pivotal role in modern manufacturing as it allows for making highly complex and intricate parts while ensuring process consistency and high quality. The core advantages of CNC machining lie in its precision, repeatability, and efficiency, making it an indispensable manufacturing process in today’s industries.

We have a range of CNC machining equipment, each with ample units. This allows us to address various machining requirements and ensures a high production capacity to facilitate smooth production scheduling.

TGQ’s equipment includes CNC lathes, machining centers, automated robotic lines, and multi-axis machining centers, including four-axis, three-axis, and milling, suitable for diverse industries.

Over the years, TGQ has consistently achieved stable growth by expanding facilities and introducing new technologies and functionalities to respond to market demands effectively. We have modernized our manufacturing facility through software and hardware assistance, including computerization production scheduling, enabling machine operation in shifts to ensure optimal manufacturing cost.

Stringent Quality Control

TGQ quality control processes adhere to international certification standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949. We set up more than 20 quality control points for each item, showcasing TGQ’s unwavering commitment to quality to ensure high-quality products.


The Ball Joint is the fundamental component of the automotive control arm. The Ball Joint plays a vital role in the control arm to operate smoothly with the shock absorber and suspension system. Therefore, the ‘Ball Joint’ quality is equivalent to the control arm’s. 

With TGQ’s experience and equipment in ball joint processing and continuous improvements from our team, we achieve tolerance requirements of 1µm for precision machining. Whether your needs are OEM, ODM, or high-precision machining, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Precision machining can find extensive applications across various industries, including medical, aerospace, railway, energy, machinery, transportation, electronic components, and more. Furthermore, household decoration or art pieces is also a specialized area we focus on, emphasizing precision machining accuracy, complemented by CMM with tolerances as tight as 1µm.

“Beauty” is defined by us. We create “Artwork” that you wouldn’t dare to touch casually. Regardless of your project’s industry, we are committed to providing high-quality precision machining to meet your unique requirements.

Specialized Materials

Our expertise lies in perfectly turning and milling various materials, including round bars, aluminum extrusions, castings, and forgings.
TGQ has an in-depth understanding of material characteristics and equipment for precision machining. Achieving beyond 6 Sigma of precision, we deliver quality precision machining to meet your highest expectations.


Material Code


Material Category

Material Name


Tensile Strength



JIS G 4051


Carbon steels for machine structural use

HB 167~229


20 % up


JIS G 4053


Chrome-molybdenum steel

HRC 30~378


12 % up


JIS G 5502


Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicone Alloy

HRB 57~63


10 % up


JIS G 5502


Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron

HRB 75~89


15 % up

Due to space limitations, this table lists only some materials. For more information, please feel free to contact us.





Small CNC Lathe

Radius 400mm

18 sets

Large CNC Lathe

Radius 600mm

6 sets

Automatic Lathe

Robot Arm Production Line

4 lines

Vertical Machining Center

1200mm Platform

8 sets 

Ball joint Polishing Machine

Spherometer Φ20~40mm

4 sets

Production Capacity

  • Min:100pcs~1,000pcs
  • Max Monthly Capacity:10,000pcs~100,000pcs
  • Annual capacity of semi-finished control arm:600,000 pcs
  • Ball Stud:1,000,000 pcs/year

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