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Stamping ー Precision Dies, Inspection Gauges, Jigs, Fixtures

What is Stamping?

Stamping is a type of sheet-metal forming process in material processing. When force is applied to a material, it can deform it but will return to its original shape once the external force is removed.

However, if the pressure applied exceeds a certain threshold, the material cannot return to its original form, resulting in “plastic deformation.” Stamping is a manufacturing method that uses a stamping press to apply significant pressure to the material, causing plastic deformation.


The Advantages of Stamping

High Precision

Stamping allows for highly precise production by using precise dies and equipment, which can reduce the need for multiple machining steps and potential material deformation.


Stamping presses are vertically operated machines, completing one stamping process with each cycle, enabling rapid and large-scale production of components.

Complex Shapes

Stamping can produce not only holes, protrusions, and recesses but also components with complex and curved surfaces if the molds are designed appropriately.

Process Stability

Stamping can produce a large quantity of components with consistent quality due to the operation of stamping presses.

Low Waste

Stamping can minimize waste material during the shearing process by designing the molds efficiently, reducing waste and pollution.


Stamping can be used for a wide range of applications and shapes, making it highly versatile.

The Disadvantages of Stamping

High Initial Costs

Stamping relies on dies, which can be costly. It’s essential to consider whether your product requires large-scale production to offset these initial costs.

Height and Thickness Limits

Materials that are too thick or too tall may not be suitable for stamping. Stampings are often best suited for flat materials.

Stamping Processes

Expertise in Complex Surfaces and Curves

High-Strength, Flawless, Burr-Free, Smooth, and Flexible

We have developed over 400 sets of dies, all designed by our dies department. In addition to precisely producing geometrically complex stamped parts, we also excel in creating products’ functionality, performance, and lifespan from various perspectives.

This means our customers can confidently focus on designing their products without additional concerns. Whether it’s product functionality, performance, mold manufacturing, or other details, our professional team can handle it all.

High Production Capacity

Are you looking for large-scale procurement requirements? Our monthly production capacity reaches up to 100,000 pieces of stamped parts, supported by 20 stamping machines. Additionally, we maintain a stock of raw materials in specific quantities to align with production schedules, ensuring smooth production lines. This allows us to meet large-scale production demands, regardless of your project’s size.

Small Orders Are Welcome

Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are still determining whether stamping production suits your needs. Our professional team can provide you with the most suitable solution.

Top Craftsmanship

TGQ is committed to achieving high-strength, smooth, flexible, burr-free, and flawless stamped products. In addition to meeting basic requirements like functionality and performance, we aim to provide you with a perfect blend of visual and tactile appearance and texture.

No matter how complex your project requirements may be, TGQ can provide the perfect solution. Partner with us; we will be your reliable support to help you achieve successful product manufacturing.


Material Code JIS/SAE No. Material Category Material Name Hardness (HRB) Tensile Strength(N/mm2) Elongation
SPHC JIS G 3131 Plate Hot rolled steel plate 55~70 270 29%
SAPH440 JIS G 3113 Plate Hot rolled high-tensile (black plate) 75~90 440 32%
S50C JIS G 4051 Plate Carbon steel for Machine Structural Use 179~235 608 18%
  • Thickness: 0.5mm~0.8mm
  • Maximum Size: 400mm*600mm


EquipmentSpecification (tons)Quantity (set)
Hydraulic Press2503


  • Min: 100pcs
  • Max Monthly Capacity: 30,000~100,000pcs

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