Our Service

High-Quality and Fully Customized Services

TGQ provides products for mainstream auto brands and can manufacture customized products for customers if the products are outside our current product list.

Customers can discuss the market, products, and automobile-related information they want to develop with TGQ’s market research and development team.

Match Requirement of Customer

The customized project aims to achieve the customer’s requirements, and TGQ’s marketing team will keep promoting the new product. TGQ has diversified development potential, professional stamping, welding, cutting, rubber, assembly technology, and rich OEM experience.

The customized services provided by TGQ can be used in the spare parts of the automobile chassis suspension system and through TGQ’s core technology, professional research and development team, and marketing team.

Service Process

Follow TGQ to achieve your design


Project Discussion

Thoroughly understanding the specific requirements of the project, and in many cases, also the getting to know each other is a crucial step towards a smooth execution. Technical, budgetary and delivery requirements will be discussed and relevant plans formulated.


Design & Prototyping

TGQ’s engineers will work closely with the customer. Starting from illustrations, through several re-designs up to the prototyping stage. With years of experience and technical knowledge, the TGQ team will optimize performance and safety of the product according to agreed upon parameters.


An important step in ensuring the final product strictly meets expectations. Together with the customer, the TGQ engineering team will subject the prototype to meticulous performance and quality analysis. If needed, design improvements may be required or recommended.


Sample Production

This is about as close to the production version as the product could get. By this stage, most of the major quality, performance and design issues have been addressed. Minor refinements may be implemented to ensure a flawless and efficient production process and outcome.



Where it all comes together. The products take shape, in mass quantity. These products will end up in the end-user’s vehicles so constant supervision and quality monitoring of every step of the process is done properly while ensuring on-time schedule.

Quality Check

One final inspection of the products before packaging and shipping. This step eliminates unwelcomed surprises. Products are checked for manufacturing and other flaws by TGQ’s highly-trained Quality Control team. Only products that meet or surpassed requirements are allowed through the next stage.

Packing & Delivery

Products are carefully packed to ensure they arrive at their intended destination safely and securely in a timely manner. Documentation required for shipping, import or use in destination country will be provided.

After-Sales Service

TGQ does not only deliver products, but also peace-of-mind. Requests, comments and feedback as well as product issues, however unlikely will all be attended to expeditiously and decisively. TGQ’s record in this area is unmatched in the industry, gaining the trust of major international brands.