Stabilizer Link

The stabilizer link, also known as the sway bar link, is one of the important components of the car chassis. Its primary function is to enable the stabilizer to function effectively. As the name suggests, the stabilizer’s main purpose is to prevent excessive body roll during cornering (a more detailed explanation of the stabilizer will be provided separately). To fully utilize the stabilizer’s function, it must be connected to the suspension components. The component responsible for this connection is called the stabilizer link.
Typically, one end of the stabilizer link is connected to the control arm or shock absorber assembly, while the other end is connected to the stabilizer. By allowing the stabilizer to work in conjunction with the suspension components, it provides a better driving and handling experience.

Composition of Stabilizer Link:

Although the stabilizer link may appear as a simple connecting component, its role may seem less significant compared to the stabilizer, and it does not involve complex mechanical principles. However, upon closer examination, it can be observed that the small stabilizer link is actually composed of various materials and components.

The Stabilizer Link Usually Consists of the Following Parts:

Stabilizer link body, ball stud, bearing, washer, dust cover, cup, stopper, and nut.
Each component performs its specific function, and when integrated, they form the stabilizer link we refer to.

Size of the Stabilizer Link:

Typically, the size of the stabilizer ranges from 5 to 10 inches, and it may vary based on the design of the locking point, which can be either the control arm or shock absorber assembly.

Each stabilizer link of TGQ has to go through precision manufacturing processes and quality inspections. It does improve our own manufacturing technology and enhance the quality control standards; the most important it is established the quality of TGQ basis.

TGQ’s Declaration of Commitment

  • Quality Assurance: 2-year / 50,000 km warranty.
  • New Product Development: to develop a control arm within two years after the best-selling cars are available for purchase.
  • Date of Delivery:within 60 days.

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